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Official dealer of American Tourister, Samsonite in Ukraine

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Official dealer of American Tourister in Ukraine

American Tourister and Samsonite suitcases


How to choose the perfect suitcase and suitcase for hand luggage?

Are you planning a weekend trip or plane ride? In this case, you just need a suitcase or carry-on bag! A small bag will fit all the essentials. But how to choose the perfect suitcase or carry-on bag?

  1. Select the carry-on baggage standards provided by the airlines you fly most often. Suitcase size and carry-on baggage requirements may vary between airlines. If your suitcase or bag does not meet these requirements, you may have to pay extra for your luggage.
  2. Plastic or textile – which one should you prefer? Plastic suitcase provides more protection for your belongings. On the other hand, fabric suitcases are more spacious and, as a rule, have external pockets.
  3. Choose your ideal model from the range of our online store. Red, green or blue? You will find your favorite color here.
  4. Every gram of weight counts! Ensure that your carry-on baggage is within the airline's weight limit. By choosing one of our ultra-light models, you will find something that is right for you.

You can buy American Tourister, Samsonite and TUMI suitcases in our American Tourister store with delivery to Kiev and Ukraine

You can also pick up an “American Tourist” suitcase for hand luggage.


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